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Make your life a dream, and a dream a reality - Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

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« Make your life a dream, and a dream a reality… » - Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


Agreed by FONGECIF, AFDAS, AGEFOS PME, FAFIEC ... in partnership with CNAM and INETOP on the le questionnaire "assessment of psychosocial risks" made by Oppio.

AVEA Partners charter, Obligation of confidentiality to any person, including the employer.


Meudon- 92 (France)
8 avenue Louvois
RER C station, Meudon Val Fleury

Fontenay-aux-Roses - 92 (France)

Othis - 77 (France)

Brétigny sur Orge - 91


6 Consultants - Referent contact: Marie-Christine DUPONT (LEBLANC)

Assessment - Orientation - Professional project

An approach that will serve throughout the professional life to:

Learn more about yourself, explore resources, enhance experiences, mobilize a coherent plan for successful interviews and professional re-positioning.

Assessment center, professional experience validation

Assessment center, professional experience validation

Objective and specificity of AVEA PARTNERS

The consultant leads "appreciative" discussions: relies on positive and rewarding professional experiences to accompany up to the implementation of training or re-positioning, internally or externally to the company. Personalized support based on the "Appreciative Inquiry" approach, prompting the valuation of professional and non-professional strengths and successful experiences. The trainee acquires an orientation process that can be reused throughout his professional life.

Personalized services

  • Trainers with experience of business and team management, specializing in training and coaching.
  • Provision of the AVEA network relations • Service in 9 sessions of 2 hours each, and a follow-up session 6 months after.
  • Personal workbook with custom tools sheets delivered to the recipient at the beginning of the assessment.
  • Telephone hotline and Internet inter-sessions with possibility to exchange documents electronically.

Our approach

  • Personal and professional history.
  • Identification of interests, motivations and values.
  • Inventory of knowledge, know-how, social skills, career dynamics, analysis of competences and personality with image feedback.
  • Analysis of successes and appreciative experiences.
  • Development and selection of projects.
  • Implementation of the first stage of the project.



Expertise and specialties

Our expertise: A multidisciplinary team of 5 consultants and coaches and a work psychologist with all at least 10 years of corporate experience and in coaching people in their professional development. Generalist firm with a specialization in particular sectors: Starting a Business, Industry, Information Technologies, Professional in Communication and Audiovisual, Culture.

Our specialties: skills assessment, Bilan-coaching projet©, Career Assessment, Orientation Assessment, VAE Support, Training Project Support, Outplacement..

Training process


  • The emergence and development of professional development projects in line with the motivation, personality and skills of the trainee.
  • Building a professional project or training project, as appropriate, taking into account the requirements of the labor market.
  • Accompanying the trainee in the thinking and practical realization of the professional project puts us in a Bilan-coaching projet© approach.

Stages of Bilan-coaching projet©

In accordance with the law (Decree and Order of 6 and 27 October 1992), the skills assessment takes place within 24hrs over 3 to 4 months according to the recommendations of the various funding agencies . It includes:

  • A 1 hour prior interview, free and with no obligation.
  • 18 hours of face-to-face interviews with a consultant including 2 hours of testing and results understanding.
  • 6 hours of research and personal work. The recipient then has a personal booklet with "tools sheets " and very explanatory and accessible educational materials.
  • A follow-up interview, a 2 hours session that runs up to 6 months after the assessment.

Between each scheduled meeting, the trainee shall have time to complete the "tools sheets" at its disposal and will be assisted in thinking the definition and validation of the specific professional project. The consultant is available to respond by mail or by phone to the questions of the trainee.

The process of Bilan-coaching projet© is structured both open and flexible according to the expectations and needs of the recipient in terms of support.

Note: Our support so includes 21 hours of face-to-face interviews including the preliminary interview and follow-up session.

Phases of the Bilan-coaching projet

PHASE 1: Preliminary phase


  • Collection of expectations of the trainee.
  • Needs analysis and reformulation of the trainee's request.
  • Presentation of the objectives and conduct of the assessment.

Resources and tools to meet these objectives

  • An approximately 1 hour prior interview.

PHASE 2: Phase of investigation


  • Clarifying the interests of the trainee in terms of work environments and occupations.
  • Thinking on the trainee's core professional values.
  • Discover the trainee's potential through better self-knowledge (identification of functioning modes, professional and non-professional expertise).
  • Thinking on the trainee's preferential team roles (current and future team).
  • Writing a pre-synthesis incorporating elements related to interests and working conditions preferred by the trainee, to the trainee's acquired and transferable skills in the activity of his choice and to personal skills.

Resources and tools to meet these objectives

  • 4 sessions of 2 hours.
  • IRMR, STRONG or 123 métiers © game, interest tests that identify preferences in terms of professional fields and work environments.
  • A survey of professional values which introduces a reflection on the work environment, management style, communication style which can be motivators for the trainee.
  • MBTI or CCTI, personality indicator for highlighting preferred modes of operation of the trainee to enable him to move towards choices consistent with his personality.
  • A questionnaire "image feedback", 360°-type, to highlight the qualities expressed by the trainee.
  • An inventory of skills to be a "skills portfolio" from which the trainee chooses the skills he wants to transfer to his new activity.
  • Belbin, thinking support to the trainee about the roles he plays in his current team and those he would play in his future team, as his preferred roles.

PHASE 3: Phase of conclusion-project


  • The development of a practical and feasible project.
  • The evaluation of the technical and financial feasibility of the professional project by the trainee through the encounter of institutional actors and operators in business.
  • Validation of the professional project.
  • The development of a "business plan" and a schedule for implementation of the project.
  • The preparation of communication tools (resume, cover letter) with the help of the consultant and job interviews if necessary.
  • Writing a final synthesis document (after approval and validation by the trainee of its contents) containing all of the approach in the process of implementation of the professional project. This summary is provided to the trainee who becomes the sole authority to decide on its use; a communication to the employer of elements mentioned therein being under the trainee's sole responsibility.

Resources and tools to meet these objectives

  • 4 sessions of 2 hours.
  • Work and personal research: Investigation with actors in the field.
  • Thinking in the scope of the assessment on how to implement after the validation of the project.

PHASE 4: Follow-up phase


  • Discuss with the consultant on the progress of the project.

Resources and tools to meet these objectives

  • A session of 1 hour up to 6 months after the assessment.

Other activities

Training, Professional Coaching, Youngs Orientation.

Other sites

Fontenay aux Roses, Othis, Valence (France).

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